University of Mississippi Chancellor’s 30-day Wellness Challenge

Chancellor’s Wellness Challenge Chancellor message: 

“The wellbeing of our campus community is always top of mind for me, and I firmly believe that any kind of success depends on maintaining and addressing mental and physical wellbeing. That’s why I’m excited to bring back the Chancellor’s Wellness Challenge, a 30-day opportunity for Ole Miss students to improve their wellbeing, build resilience and strengthen relationships by focusing on areas of mindfulness, movement and connection.

The Chancellor’s Wellness Challenge runs Oct. 25-Nov. 19 and features wellness events, ways to check in on your mental health and opportunities to add individualized wellness activities to your day. I hope you’ll take part and use this opportunity to focus on how you prioritize your wellness.” 

– Chancellor Glenn Boyce

What does the 30-day Challenge involve?

Complete three simple daily actions for 30 Days and record your progress using a mobile app.

1. Focus Check-in. Notice and record your energy levels & how you feel.
2. move for 30 minutes each day.
3. connect with 1 person each day.

The University of Mississippi has partnered with Cred for the Chancellor’s Wellness Challenge. By logging your wellness activities with the Cred app, you’ll easily take stock of your physical health and your mindset and track your progress. Check out the video below for more info about how to use Cred.  

Cred mobile app introduction

register to join the challenge


Note: You must have iOS version 12 or Android version 6.0 installed on your mobile device to use the Cred mobile app.

STEP 3: PICK your correct invite code for the challenge

Undergraduate student = OLEMISS30

Graduate student = OLEMISSG30

Professional Program = OLEMISSP30

Step 4: create your cred account using Your Invite code

STEP 5: Complete a 2-minute survey

For all support enquiries please email the Cred team at

You could win a month long “Leading for Impact and Innovation Study Abroad” Program in France hosted by the Sullivan Foundation.

Embark on a journey to France for one month to study with, and learn from, social entrepreneurs in Europe from June 24 – July 23, 2023.

Draw Eligibility

If you complete 90% of your actions in our 30 Day Challenge you will be included in the draw to win this amazing prize.

That’s 81 actions in 30 days.

Winner annoucement

We will announce the winner at our Challenge Completion and Celebration Event.

Learn more about the Sullivan Foundation Study Abroad Program


Every action you complete during the 30 Day Challenge creates a global impact

Through Cred’s partnership with B1G1, a global business movement committed to build a world full of giving, you will see the real time global impact we create together during the Challenge.

  1. Every time you check-in you will provide 1 day of access to clean and filtered water for a child in Tanzania.
  2. Every time you connect with 1 person you will provide 1 day of education and access to a science lab for a child in India.
  3. Every time you move for 30 minutes you will provide 1 day of access to a playground for a child in Cambodia.

The table below shows the real time-combined impact we have created through our Challenge.

Supporting the sustainable development goals


Q: What do I need to take part in the Challenge?

A: You need a smartphone to use the Cred mobile app. You must have iOS version 12 or Android version 6.0 installed on your mobile device to use the Cred mobile app

Let’s do this together

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our combined impact

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