Tzu Chi and Cred. 30 Day Well-being Challenge

What if you could start each week feeling focused, calm with a sense of structure and finish each week feeling more positive and with a sense of achievement?

What if you could build new habits to support your wellbeing?

We are all adapting to this new era and now, more than ever we need support, connection and the tools to navigate this time.

Cred. are delighted to partner with Tzu Chi to support their mission and values through our 30 Day Wellbeing Challenge.

What does the 30 Day Challenge involve?

  1. A weekly 45 minute live webinar.
  2. Complete three wellbeing actions each day for 30 days.

What do you need to do now?

  1. Create your Cred. account and download the Cred. mobile app.
  2. Watch the 8 minute video guide to using the Cred. mobile app.

What are the next steps?

  1. We will host an onoarding webinar in the week beginning 26th April. We will share webinar details with you in advance.
  2. The Challenge will officially commence on Monday 3rd May on a live webinar.

1. Create your cred. account

Create your Cred. account and download the Cred. mobile app.

Note: Please choose the “Tzu Chi 30 Day Well-being Challenge” option from the organization list when you create your account.

2. Watch the video guide to using the CRed. app (8 minutes)

Need HELP?

If you have any issues downloading the app in the registration process you can download it directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

For all other support enquiries please email the Cred. team at

Let’s do this together

30 Day challenge




mins per week


live webinars


our combined impact

What’s included?

  1. Onboarding webinar. This will take place in the week commencing 26th April.
  2. 30 Day Challenge – 3rd May to 1st June
  3. Faciliated 45 minute live webinars each week with Tzu Chi and Cred. facilitators
  4. Tzu Chi guest speakers on our weekly webinars during the Challenge.
  5. Subscription to the Cred. mobile app. to build new habits
  6. Neuroscience tools to support your learning


Q: I can’t make the onboarding webinar . Can I still join the Challenge?

A: Yes. The objective of the onboarding webinar is to provide an overview of the 30 Day Challenge, to ensure participants have created their Cred. account, downloaded the Cred. app and and to answer any questions participants have. We will share a recording of the onboarding webinar.

Q: I can’t make every weekly webinar . Can I still join the Challenge?

A: Yes. We understand everyone has commitments they must make. Our hope is that you join us live. We will record each live webinar and share with those people who can’t attend the live webinars.