M.A.P.S and Cred 30 Day Global Challenge

Cred is delighted to partner with M.A.P.S. Global Events to support the Global Mental Wellness and Positivity Experience for our 30-Day Challenge.

Anyone (16yrs and older) can join, from anywhere in the world and it’s free to be part of the Challenge.

Create impact for yourself, your community and in the world.

What does the 30 Day Challenge involve?

  1. Complete three simple daily actions to help yourself and others for 30 Days.
  2. Participate in a weekly 45 minute live webinar or or listen to a recording. We will share links to the recordings after each webinar.

Weekly webinars

Please note the new time of 5pm US Eastern time Thursdays throughout the 30 Day Challenge.

Thursday 23rd, Thursday 30th, Thursday 7th and Thursday 14th

how do you join the challenge?

STEP 1: You need to use invite code MAPS30 to join this Challenge


Note: You must have iOS version 12 or Android version 6.0 installed on your mobile device to use the Cred mobile app.

For all other support enquiries please email the Cred. team at hello@cred.global

Note: If you have previously completed in a Cred 30 Day Challenge you do not need to create a new account. Simply email us at hello@cred.global and we will add you to this M.A.P.S 30 Day Challenge.

STEP 3: click on the “join Now” link

Step 4: create your cred account using Invite code MAPS30

Every action you complete during the 30 Day Challenge will have a global impact

Through Cred’s partnership with B1G1, a global business movement committed to build a world full of giving, we will provide children in Tanzania with safe filtered drinking water. You will see the global impact you can create through your three daily actions of helping yourself and helping others during the Challenge.


Q: What do I need to take part in the Challenge?

A: You need a smartphone to use the Cred mobile app and access to zoom for the weekly webinars.

Q: I can’t make the launch webinar. Can I still join the Challenge?

A: Yes. We will share a recording of the Challenge launch webinar.

Q: I can’t make every weekly webinar. Can I still join the Challenge?

A: Yes. We understand everyone has commitments they must make. Our hope is that you join us live. We will record each live webinar and share the recording.

Q: Can I join the Challenge after the start?

A: Yes. You can join the Challenge at any time after the start. Your 30 days of actions will commence from the day you join.

Q: Can I invite my friends to join the Challenge?

A: Yes. Please “pay it forward” and spread the word. There are links at the bottom of this page to share with your friends, connections and colleagues.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is no cost to you. Cred is gifting this Challenge to support the M.A.P.S Global Wellness and Positivity Experience.

Let’s do this together

30 Day challenge




mins per week


live webinars


our combined impact