Finding your tribe

I love this quote and I’ve been reflecting on it recently.

I’ve spent so much of my life working with people who just happened to be in the same company as I’ve worked with. The company was my community. It served a purpose in terms of providing a salary or a contracting daily rate.

Most of the time, though, I never felt like I really fitted in. I had different values and different beliefs. I never felt like I belonged.

More recently, I’ve really tried to think about the people I want to hang out with and work with. I realise that I’ve got limited energy and time. I only want to work with, and hang out with people where I feel that I belong.

Having a feeling of connection, or belonging is so powerful.

Are the groups and communities you are in making you feel like you are wanted?

Being a little kinder to ourselves

I love this quote from Irish playwright, Samuel Beckett. The quote is often referenced, especially in the start-up space.

We are often so hard on ourselves. We create big expectations for ourselves. Often unrealistic expectations. When things don’t do to plan we are our own worst critics.

What if we adopted a different mindset?

A mindset where we are a little kinder to ourselves.

How would it feel if we adopted a “no matter” mindset? It’s pretty liberating, isn’t it?

How can you be a bit kinder to yourself today?

Being curious

We all have our “go to” methods that we know work for us. That thing that makes us feel good.

Running is my “go to” thing. A quick 30 minute run gets the endophins going. Conversely, I even use it when I’m tired, because I know it makes me feel better.

But what about times when you can’t access the happiness chemical? I know when I’ve been injured and can’t run I’ve struggled to find a replacement. I’d become too dependent on one source.

There are lots of different ways we can all get that feel good sensation.

Is there one thing you could do today to put in your toolkit when you need it?